Karibu (Welcome) to the Tea House B&B in Kigali


Dear Tea House B&B and Bis friends,


It’s with pleasure to let you know that in the beginning of this New Year we have been received from booking.com a booking review award.

This was due to a great staff, hospitality, cleanliness and many more critical points as this has been reviewed by our guests booked from that site.

Thanks again friends for the support, encouragement and recommendations and wish you again a wonderful New Year.1775922


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Discover the  Tea house B&B  and experience a wonderful, quiet, clean, secure and pleasant place in a quiet neighborhood with a beautiful view and a spacious garden all around.

This place is perfect for:

  • Tourists coming to relax and enjoy Kigali and its attractions
  • People returning from or in transit to destinations outside Kigali (because of our proximity to the airport)
  • People who come to Rwanda to visit families, friends, relatives or for business
  • People who are temporarily working  in Rwanda  (as consultants, for NGOs, interns, volunteers)
  • People who need a temporary home while looking for a permanent home in Kigali



Spiced Tea Room: big shared room or VIP dormitory (every bed has quiet privacy), with one single bed and 2 double beds and a private bathroom. Perfect for friends or a family.         

 Only 25 USD/guest

                                                       *** SPECIAL OFFER***

When more than 4 nights are booked, we will offer ONE NIGHT for FREE (only for bookings from our website http://www.bnbteahousekigali.com) excluded  JULY, August, September and DECEMBER.

For a long stay (one month or additional months) we offer a 50% of discount(excluded breakfast)

2 weeks stay 25% off(excluded breakfast)

One week stay 10% off

Tea house B&B   is a socially responsible and engaged B&B. 

At the Tea House B&B  we contribute to Rwandan artistic and economic empowerment. Most of our furnishings, interior decorations, and some furniture in the bedrooms, the dining room, and the living room have been bought from local cooperatives, young Rwandan artists, and women to support local artisans financially and artistically.

For more information about the local artisans and cooperatives we support, see our Socially Responsible page – https://bnbteahousekigali.com/social-responsabilities/


Tea house B&B   is located in Kigali (Rwanda) between Kimironko and Gisimenti neighborhoods. It’s just a five minute drive from Kigali  international airport as well as to many essential services: banks, Forex exchanges , restaurants, bars and pubs, Croix du Sud Hospital, supermarkets (La Colombe, Sawa City, Kimironko Simba Supermarket) and Kigali’s famous Kimironko Market which offers both Rwandan arts and crafts and fresh fruit and vegetables.

Moto taxis are available around the house while the closest bus stop is at short (7 minute) walk.   We also have a car and motorcycle available for customers if necessary for trips within Kigali.



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