Socially responsible

Tea house B&B  is a socially responsible and engaged B&B

At the Tea House B&B  we contribute to Rwandan artistic and economic empowerment. Most of our furnishings, interior decorations, and some furniture in the bedrooms, the dining room, and the living room have been bought from local cooperatives, young Rwandan artists, and women to support local artisans financially and artistically.

Moreover, we also have  a sale point of local crafts at the entrance of the Tea House that we created to give the crafts the visibility they deserve. If you love a particular craft item from the Tea House, you can purchase it as a memento of your stay and know that you are supporting local artisans.

Some of the Rwandan cooperatives, artisans, and artists whose work we carry are:

Gatagara Pottery                                                                   

The Gatagara Pottery Cooperative is made up of 13 people, who are in charge of every aspect of the pottery, including making the clay they work with from resources they harvest from local swamps and hillsides, and firing their finished pieces.

The clay that Gatagara uses to make their pottery is local as they have all resources they need around them, both on the hills and in the swamps. Hues are imported from abroad, mainly from Belgium.  Gatagara ceramics are very high quality and you’ll find them for sale at boutique shops Rwanda and abroad.

The pottery group began in the late 1970s out of a collaboration between local potters and a Belgian potter. The technique has remained largely unchanged, but the unique coloring and finishing of the piece is an evolution. The group has seen some changes through the years, but the quality and authenticity of the product remains the same. Some of the pottery workers have 20-30 years of creating ceramic pieces.

Most of the plates, bowls, and mugs at the Tea House are made by the Gatagara Pottery Cooperative.

 Uburanga Arts Studio                                                         

The Uburanga Arts Studio believes that art heals people physically, mentally, and emotionally. With this belief, they’ve created a centre that welcomes all members of the Kigali community. 

The AVSI Foundation

The AVSI Foundation is an International NGO founded in Italy in the 1940s and introduced in Rwanda in 1994. AVSI’s mission is to promote the dignity of the person through development cooperation activities, with special attention to education according to the teachings of the Catholic Church. AVSI supports a number of initiatives in Rwanda including the Urubohero a women  cooperative that produces colorfull and decorative baskets inlaid with intricate patterns, that decorate the Tea House walls.


IMIGONGO is an art form popular in Rwanda. This art form came into being end of the 18th century in the province of Kibungo (South-East of Rwanda), and is traditionally done by women. Originally it was used for decorations inside the walls of huts. The Imigongo paintings are created from calf dung applied to wooden plates, which forms the structure and relief of the paintings. It is often including the spiral and geometric designs in different natural colors, such as black, white and red. Today, even modern designs are made with more variation in color.